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Engine welding machine

DENOH engine welding machine integrates power generation and welding functions, adopts brushless inducer power generation technology, has high power generation efficiency and strong continuous operation ability. It adopts digital+IGBT chopping technology control, stable welding, high quality weld seam formation, small spatter, suitable for various welding rods, can be paired with manual welding, semi-automatic welding machines, welding robots, etc. It is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and portable. It is suitable for field construction, urban construction, and bridge welding, Various construction projects such as pipeline welding, disaster relief and rescue

Automatic Welding Machine

DENOH automatic welding equipment has achieved technological breakthroughs in welding processes, intelligent control, and other fields, and has now been effectively improved in welding qualification rate, welding efficiency, and on-site practicality. DENOH flexible internal welding machine has strong climbing and bending capabilities. Paired with a dual gun automatic external welding machine, it greatly improves work efficiency in the construction of long oil and gas pipelines. Save labor costs and improve safety
Meanwhile, automatic welding equipment has strong temperature adaptability and can achieve ultra-low temperature welding at - 50 ° C.
In the future, we will continue to improve welding control methods through intelligent technology innovation in the research and development of new equipment, and make further efforts and progress in the intelligence, efficiency, digitization, and practicality of pipeline welding.


Making progress with the industry, Sharing with the world

In April 2024, foreign customers visited our factory for on-site inspection, and the company warmly welcomed customers from afar
Accompanied by the main responsible persons of each department, foreign clients visited various production workshops of the company. We provided a detailed product introduction to the customer and provided professional answers to their questions Both sides have conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation, hoping to achieve win-win and common development in the proposed cooperation projects in the future We need to face foreign markets with a more rigorous work style, using our innovative, high-quality products and excellent after-sales service!

Construction site

Engine welding machine site construction

Automatic welding machine site contruction